Sunday, March 11, 2012

Airport Reading

What is it about airports that makes me crave trashy eating and trashy reading?

My husband, once through security, will head towards an airport bar to catch some sports and swallow a Jack and Coke before take off, but me, I'm bee-lining towards the Hudson News to stock up for a banal sensory experience (If an airport has an Auntie Anne's, that's stop number one; most of the time, though, I make due with Chex Mix chased by Sour Patch Kids).

I was flying solo for my latest trip, meeting my husband in Austin. With a two hour flight, an hour layover, and then another two hours in the air, I had plenty of time to indulge. The best of intentions paving my way, The Happiness Project, my journal, and my laptop were all in my carry-on, but as I walked past the Hudson Booksellers, Chex Mix in hand, the sale table stopped me. Here was a plethora of books I would never buy, all $10 or less!

The creepy eye on the cover of The Host by Stephanie Meyers caught my attention. What else could the author of Twilight have to offer, I wondered, now that her vampire-human-wolf trifecta was over? I picked it up, put it down, and then as I was wheeling my luggage away, the eye winked at me.